Sato-Silk Benefits

Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep is the Key Cornerstone of all Healthy Living; Physical, Mental and Emotional. Sato-Silk delivers an Uncompromisingly Luxurious Sleeping Experience, which will help you to Maximise these Health Benefits. The smooth, luscious texture against your skin and head will help you slip into a long, deep and relaxing sleep.

Having been called the “Queen of Textiles” for over 5,000 years, Silk Regulates your Body Temperature in All Seasons, since it is Highly Breathable and is made from Natural Protein Fibres. This keeps you warm & cosy in winter and comfortably cool in summer; the ultimate material for sleep-products.

For those who need Help with Hot Flushes, Sato-Silk pillowcases are the perfect way to cool you down to relaxing temperature.

Sato-Silk is also naturally Hypoallergenic, which means that dust mites and other microscopic lifeforms can’t live in the fabric, making it Clean and Suitable for All Skin-Types.

Anti-Aging: Younger, More Radiant Skin

One of the major beauty benefits from using Sato-Silk every night is that it has Strong, Natural Anti-Ageing Properties. The natural protein fibre in Sato-Silk Promotes Facial Skin Healing and helps the cells Retain More Moisture. This leads to More Hydrated, More Radiant and Younger-Looking Skin.

Sato-Silk also Absorbs Less Face Cream than Cotton and Linen, which means your favourite beauty & anti-aging products can work properly on your skin throughout the night.

With our Sato-Silk Pillowcases, the fabric’s super smooth and sleek texture Significantly Reduces Friction between your skin and the pillowcase, which in turn Reduces Sleep Creases & Lines.

With our Sato-Silk Eye Masks, the super soft 100% silk filling acts as a gentle blanket, which Rejuvenates Delicate Skin Around the Eyes and Reduces Dark Circles & Puffiness.

In addition, Sato-Silk Sooths and Calms: Acne | Sunburns | Eczema & Sensitive Skin.

Healthier, Shinier Hair

Sato-Silk Pillowcases also deliver major benefits for your hair, since the fabric Creates Much Less Friction with your hair, compared with cotton or linen. This then Prevents Hair-Loss, Reduces Split Ends, and Stops Bed Head.

In addition, the natural proteins in Sato-Silk Boost Moisture & Shine of the Hair and Preserves Hair Treatments and Blow Outs for longer.