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Our #SleepInSecurity Pledge will help stop children dying from Malaria.
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Our Mission is to help Everyone enjoy a better night’s sleep

From those in Developed countries, to those in Malaria-risk zones, EVERYONE deserves to enjoy a deep, replenishing sleep, without the fear that they could wake up the next day infected with a life-threatening disease, such as Malaria.


We donate mosquito-nets to children in Malaria-risk zones, such as Africa and Bangladesh, using proceeds from our beautiful Sato-Silk Eye-Mask and Pillowcase Gift Sets.

You can sleep soundly in your soft, silky Satosense products knowing that your purchase is helping prevent children from catching deadly malaria in their sleep.


It is truly a win-win, so why wait any longer?


#sleepinsatosense to help children #sleepinsecurity

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